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Tooth Whitening Part 3-Amazing Results!

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WOW! What a difference.

I feel like someone in one of those washing powder adverts who shows you the T-Shirt with all the stains before it goes in the washing machine, and then shows you the whiter than white version which comes out of the machine after it’s been treated with the detergent.

The first picture you can see is how my teeth looked earlier this year. Nothing special about them.

The second picture, however, is how they look now, after my teeth whitening experience.

To say I am pleased with the results is putting it mildly.

As you will have read in my first blog post, I am one of those people who has to see it to believe it. I won’t be believing in aliens until their flying saucer lands in my back garden and they knock on the window asking if they can come in for a cup of tea.

So I went into this process with a cautious approach, happy to give it a go, but not really expecting wonders.

I was wrong.

I am proud of how my teeth look. People have noticed. People have complimented me.

As you will have also read earlier, I got a new job during the process. I feel like I am smiling more these days because I want to show off my pearly whites.

After my initial intensive treatment, I have only topped up my teeth a couple of times, just for a couple of nights. That is all you need to do in order to maintain a nice, white set of teeth. You keep your plastic moulds and simply buy a couple of tubes of solution and repeat the process overnight.

Now that I have got such a pleasing result, I am not going to let it slip. My plan is to top up every few months and maintain my smile.

As I said earlier, I went into this with an open mind, but kept my expectations low. This is one of those occasions when I am happy to be proved wrong, because the results are beyond my wildest dreams and this whole process really has put a big white smile on my face.


Tooth whitening Part 2

So I am two weeks into my tooth whitening treatment, and what do I think? I can sum that answer up in just one word: WOW!
As I pointed out in my first blog about this experience, I am quite a sceptical person, and I did not get my hopes up too high when I embarked on this treatment.
However, I am very happy to admit how wrong I was, because the results so far have been far better than I dared to dream.
Let me ask you, what might be the benefits of a whiter smile?
Added confidence? Yes, I do feel that effect
Smiling more than usual? Yes, I think that has happened too.
Being greeted by other people in a more welcoming way? Again, I genuinely feel as if that has been happening.
And now, how about this for the icing on the cake: I have been offered a fantastic new job! And I am sure the new whiter smile played a part.
In fact, when I went for the interview, I made a point of delivering a beaming grin as much as possible, and clearly it worked as at the end of the interview they simply said: “Right, when can you start?”
Let me backtrack for a moment and tell you a bit more about my treatment.
Wasim sent me home with my moulds for my teeth, along with the whitening solution and clear instructions.
They must stay in your mouth for a minimum of four hours, so the easiest thing is to put them in just before bedtime. For the first couple of nights I was conscious of the moulds in my mouth, and I knew what it must feel like to step into a boxing ring before going a few rounds with Mike Tyson.
But that feeling wore off after just a couple of nights, and in the end I forgot I had them in my mouth.
There was only one minor side effect, which I had been warned about. On one occasion I had a sharp, sensitive pain that came and went during the day. No problem, Wasim’s team advised me to fill the moulds with the sensitive toothpaste I had been supplied with for one night instead of the solution. No more pain after that.
I didn’t expect rapid results, but within just a few days my wife and two children were gobsmacked at how white my teeth looked, and said how nice they looked – and they weren’t just humouring me. My mum keeps laughing when she sees me, but in a good way!
As the days have gone on, I have enjoyed looking in the mirror and seeing how nice my teeth look as they become whiter. I may not be Simon Cowell, but I do feel like they have given me an X-Factor, and as I said earlier it certainly helped my confidence at the job interview.
Wasim is pleased with the results too, which is encouraging news, and I am looking forward to my next appointment so that I can hear what his next course of action will be.

Neil's teeth 2 weeks in, after tooth whitening

Neil’s teeth 2 weeks in, after tooth whitening

Neil silver 005

To do or not to do? Tooth Whitening -Step by Step!

NEIL SILVER is hoping tooth whitening will help him avoid a mid-life crisis and here he shares his experience of the treatment at Dental Living.
Having spent the majority of my career as a sports journalist, I regard myself as a trained observer, but these days you don’t have to be eagle-eyed to notice that every time you turn on the television, or look in a glossy magazine, you are dazzled by celebrities with gleaming white teeth fit for a toothpaste advert.
I was brought up to believe it is important to look nice and therefore I take pride in my appearance, so I think those dazzling smile are rather nice – in fact, I am a little envious.
As we get older, we sometimes have to work a little bit harder to achieve that, and I must admit that when I turned 50 back in November it was a milestone I did not exactly relish. I wasn’t having a mid-life crisis, but one of the things I decided I wanted to do in a bid to cheer myself up was to have my teeth whitened – surely it would be safer and far cheaper than having an affair!
Again, thanks to my journalistic training, I like to know every last detail when I am subjecting my body to a new medical procedure, but that was no problem as I am fortunate that my dentist Wasim Fazel is not only very approachable, but he gives it to you straight.
Let’s get one thing out of the way before we start. The best white teeth have not been achieved by simple tooth whitening.
Celebrities such as Simon Cowell and Julia Roberts have had their teeth treated with veneers – a thin layer of porcelain made to fit over the front surface of a tooth, a bit like having false fingernails.
Of course, Wasim and the guys at Dental Living could offer me such a transformation. The only problem is, I don’t have the £12,000 it costs to have the treatment done – small change to the likes of Mr Cowell or Ms Roberts.
So I opted for the more common – and economical – version of tooth whitening, which is carried out using special industry- safe chemicals and costs just £385.
It is also important to point out that if you are considering tooth whitening, you must have it done by a professional. You can probably get it done cheaper at your local beauty parlour, but would you want to risk having your gums burnt, which is one of the common dangers if the procedure is carried out by someone who does not know their molars from their manicures.
I am a bit of a sceptical person – you won’t get me believing in UFOs unless the aliens whisk me away for afternoon tea and a chat – so I appreciated Wasim telling me there were no guarantees and that everyone’s teeth respond differently. I decided to go ahead nonetheless as I believe in positive thinking.
This is a work in progress, and I want to share my experience with you, as I do not yet know how it will turn out – I am living in hope.
The first step was painless (as is the whole process, actually). Two weeks ago, Wasim simply took an impression of my upper and lower teeth so that plastic moulds could be created.
I returned to the surgery yesterday and was given my two moulds and a box containing ten syringes full of the tooth whitening product.
The moulds must be worn for a minimum of four hours so each night, before going to bed, I must inject a little bit of solution into each tooth slot on the mould and then wear the moulds overnight (there is no harm in wearing them for longer than four hours).
I was worried that the moulds would feel uncomfortable and prevent me from getting a good night’s sleep, or that the solution would taste awful. But I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find that I woke up feeling fine and there were no ill effects at all.
This is only day one, and I am not due to see Wasim for a fortnight, but I am excited by the thought that in just a couple of weeks my teeth could become a few shades whiter. As you will see, photographs are being taken at regular intervals so that we can monitor my progress.
Stay with me on this journey to see if tooth whitening works for me, as I also tell it like it is, and I will update you in one week. They say a smile costs nothing, and hopefully this treatment will be putting a brighter, whiter smile on my face.

Before tooth whitening

Before tooth whitening